21-28 September 2019 / 5 -12 October 2019 / 12 -19 October 2019

If you have been or you are going through a stressful period of your life, if you are physically and emotionally tired, if the challenges of life have exhausted you, if you experience any kind of loss or grief, if you need a new start or to redefine your goals and your life style or just you need to overcome your physical, mental or emotional obstacles that are blocking your life, then you can join us. An experienced nutritionist, a yoga instructor and psychotherapist will treat you with love and care during a unique program which will purify your being, physically, mentally and emotionally. The retreat is addressed to people of all ages, sexes, cultures, nationalities and is English spoken. 

Ktima Mantilari is set close to Archanes, a beautiful traditional Cretan village. Heraklio city and Heraklio airport are both 22 km away from our Retreat Center. In the nearby area you will find many organized beaches with facilities or more remote ones if you want drive a bit further. The closest one is a 15 minute drive.
In your free time you can also use the outdoor swimming pool for a swim or sunbathing, as well as use the patio to read a book or take your tea.
Hiking in the surrounding area is also an activity many people chose to do when visiting our venue.

During this 8- day program, a holistic treatment for body and soul takes place with daily vegan and raw meals of organic local products and virgin olive oil from Cretan lands which detoxify and nourish your body. The daily morning hatha yoga session (asana class) gently adjusted to all levels and any kind of physical body condition will remove the toxins and the stiffness from your muscles and joints. Breathing techniques (pranayama) will detoxify your mind and calm your brain. Deep relaxation techniques will refresh and recharge your energy as well as empower and inspire you spiritually.

Our special daily workshop “From the grape to the wine” is a unique therapy process which helps you, softly and gently remove the emotional toxins such us anger, resentment, regret, fear, discouragement, shame, guilt, sorrow, sadness, depression, powerlessness, tiredness, stress). After supporting you to improving your powerful qualities such as calmness , peacefulness, happiness, lightness, completeness, love, freedom, will power, inspiration, you will feel yourself to be consciously shifted from a juicy grape level to delightful wine, ready to be shared as a blissful nectar of joy and wisdom.


Pricing plans according to room booked

  • Triple loft shared space (shared bathroom) 780 euros
  • Triple chalet, en-suite bathroom, private veranda 980 euros
  • Double room, en-suite bathroom 1,100 euros
  • Single use room, en-suite bathroom 1,480 euros

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